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The Skill of Logical Thinking & the TAFFD’s Conference

Logical thinking is an art. One may tend to disagree at first because the mind and the thought process are supposed to be without any bindings. They are supposed to be free flowing. No doubts on that But our thoughts can be and should be reigned to think logically and constructively. This is the read on why seminars and conferences are so important for us. They feed the mind. They teach the mind to hone its thought process. The TAFFD’s Techno Scientific Awareness Conference is exactly the kind of gathering where you would be met with luminaries and experts in the fields of mind training. The mind is a mine of creativity and futurism. We just need to train it for it to deliver us what we want. Thoughts may be free but for them to have some productive output they need to be channelised and streamlined. That is why attending a conference like the TAFFD’s Conference becomes important and pertinent for us!

By- Sarita Sharma, PhD