NOW OPEN: International Conference on Future Africa | April 21-23, 2020 (Online VR)

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The TAFFD’s is connecting African leaders, futurists, tech CEO’s, trans-human leaders, life extension scientists, vertical farming experts, inventors, innovators, AI enthusiasts, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Business Men, Politicians, Techpreneurs, Doctors, and more, to the storming fourth industrial revolution at the silicon valley of Africa.

“Those who own their life, are those who make their life an adventure, in an adventure, there is no success or failure, there is just one thing ‘EXPERIENCE’ that’s the heroes journey, own your journey, own your life” ~ Augustus Chukwu.

Why you should support and mustn’t miss it!!!,

  1. TAFFD’s, is set to storm with the international conference of techno-scientific awareness in solving 21st-century problems that are set to lead Africa to the fourth industrial revolution.
  2. The world is quickly pivoting to decentralized technology systems, and it’s only through this system that transparency can be achieved in every system. 
  3. To see how the Tech Hive will be created, help generate digital sharing economy. The IPG, individually propelled growth” trending will help in making positive changes in the economic challenges we are experiencing.
  4. It is an academic exercise that will involve both tech and biotech with real-world implication.
  5. The first time in the history of Africa that, futurist, transhumanist, longevity scientist, vertical farming experts will be gathering to discuss how Africa can drastically improve leveraging technology.
  6. It is part of the October longevity, organized by the international longevity alliance. We are making it happen.Now comes the pertinent question. Can the politics of abundance propagated by the transhumanist solve the problem of corruption?

What about the economic principles of individual propelled growth, IPG?

We also wish to expose some of our world-class speakers like Philip Cotton, Anuraj Gambhir, Ira Pastor, Aubrey de Grey, and many more.

Just as a philosopher of fearism Osinakachi Akuma Kalu will state, The first rule of negotiating is, “be prepared for anything, but you can walk away if it’s not beneficial”.
This will be more than beneficial to Africa. 

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Okeke Ifeanyi Kenneth Philosopher|Researcher|Poet and a TAFFD’s media member.