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Augustus Ugochukwu Chukwu

Augustus Ugochukwu Chukwu


Founder/CEO Future Discussions Podcast, Singulariterian, Tech Enthusiast and Speaker

Topic: Individually Propelled Growth: Building the Tech-Hive for Digital Sharing Economy.

Augustus U. Chukwu is a futurist,  transhumanist philosopher, inspirational philosopher and social entrepreneur with a life’s vision that is centred around the three main areas of delivering *education, common good and transhumanism_.* He is the host of Future Discussions Podcast and Inspiration Digest Podcast which treats issues on leveraging emerging technologies to create the world we want and personal development respectively. He is equally the founder of Future Discussions (and Solutions) community a developing community that seeks to ensure the growth of local communities through the application of innovative technologies in solving their most common challenges.
Augustus is passionate about solving local and global problems ranging from energy and food-health to education and unemployment.
As part of his ways of helping to solve socioeconomic and educational problems, Augustus is a member of TAFFDs where he holds the positions of associate editor and media …
Augustus is also a member of the Enlightenment Transhumanist Association of Nigeria.