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Bill Jensen (Mr. Simplicity)

Bill Jensen (Mr. Simplicity)


The CEO The Jensen Group, Futurist, Critical Thinker and a Leadership Expert.

Topic: The Amazing Future Begins With Us

Bill Jensen makes it easier to do great work. He helps companies and teams double their productivity and pursue their passions.
He has spent the past 30 years studying how work gets done. (Much of what he’s found horrifies him.)
Bill is an internationally-acclaimed thought leader who is known for his passion for making it easier for everyone to work smarter, not harder.
Bill Jensen makes it easier to leap into tomorrow. He is an IBM Futurist, a member of the Association of Professional Futurists, and has conducted high-impact future of work research for multiple technology giants. He has interviewed and surveyed over 1,000,000 people across the globe.
Bill has written nine best-selling business books, all focused on helping you do and be your best.
His first book, Simplicity, was the Number 5 Leadership/ Management book on Amazon in 2000.
His latest books, Future Strong and The Day Tomorrow Said No, map the tough choices each of us make to create our best futures.
He is CEO of The Jensen Group, the change consultancy he founded over 30 years ago. Among his clients are Bank of America, Merck, Pfizer, GE, L’Oréal Italia, Genentech, NASA, The World Bank, BBC, Philips Lighting, the US Navy SEALS, the government of Ontario, Singapore Institute of Management, Guangzhou China Development District, and the Swedish Post Office.
Bill’s personal life fantasy is to bicycle around the globe via breweries.