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Christopher Bramley

Christopher Bramley



TEDx Speaker | Business Agility & Transformation | Global Coach/Mentor/Consultant/Speaker | Multi 5* Author, Storyteller

Enhance management, innovation, disruption, value-delivery and communication.

I specialise in an adaptive, holistic ecosystem of frameworks including Cynefin/Complexity, Agile/Lean, Narratives, strategic paradigms and much more to enhance management, innovation, disruption, value-delivery and communication in organisations from startups/SMBs to SME/Global Enterprise/Civil clients.

This is based on a foundation of teaching how to teach and learn, patterns including enablement, engagement of people and teams cross-culturally/intra-organisationally via ethnography, and retention of usable information to support applicable understanding of Narrative, Human Learning, and Interaction to deliver full value.

For over 42 years, I have been learning how to learn. For half that, I have been developing this framework to help myself and others reach understanding. Whether transformation is Organisational or Personal, we are all on a journey. As a global mentor, coach, and consultant, I can look back and see where my path here has led – through 22+ years of OpsDev experience, teaching and advising many from all walks of life from personal to leadership level, developing a deep underlying comprehension of the teaching and learning patterns which underpin all human learning, systems, and understanding, as well as creating and understanding narratives.

I work globally as well as speak at meetups and conventions, and also run single classes, workshops, and full courses. I am deeply passionate about helping people and organisations learn to transform themselves.

I take these passions into every area of life. I am a 5* author in Fiction/Fantasy, Learning, and others, as well as a blogger and Tweeter; I’m an archer, philosopher, seeker of patterns. I love music, fitness and exercise. I scuba dive, climb, sing, read, and many more things besides.

Everything I do, I commit to, with as much understanding as I can. I welcome new challenges and organisations to coach.