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Dinorah Delfin

Dinorah Delfin


Artist & Futurist

Topic: Transformative Arts, Transhuman Vision, And The Era Of Self-Directed Evolution

Dinorah Delfin is a New York-based conceptual multi-media artist and a holistic living advocate. Ms. Delfin’s transdisciplinary projects converge in the fields of media arts, poetry, critical writing, activism, performance, transhumanism, metaphysics, integral philosophy, and fine arts. Ms. Delfin’s themes revolve around the idea of “absolute agency over one’s individual evolution”. Her upcoming book, “A Radical New Beginning” (2020), challenges definitions of identity and embodiment in light of rapid biological and digital evolution.

Ms. Delfin is the founder of ArtDimensional Studios, a platform for multidimensional expressions of transformative arts. She is also the founder of “The Immortalists Club”, currently a Facebook group for philosophical discussions of existential matters.

Ms. Delfin graduated Cum Laude in Entrepreneurship Management, with an English Minor. She was recently featured in the “Transhumanism Handbook” (2019), by Springer International. She has given presentations on the subject of art, human enhancement technologies, and transhumanism at New York University’s Posthuman Summit, and at the International Conference of Techno-Scientific Awareness.

Ms. Delfin’s art can be found here.