NOW OPEN: International Conference on Future Africa | April 21-23, 2020 (Online VR)

Ojochogwu S. Abdul

Ojochogwu S. Abdul


Chairman/Chief Futurist, Enlightenment Transhumanist Forum of Nigeria (H+ Nigeria)

Topic: Transhumanism and an African Enlightenment in the 21st Century.

Ojochogwu Abdul (Chogwu Abdul) is a researcher, writer, speaker, University philosophy lecturer, and a foremost Nigerian futurist. As philosopher and transhumanist, he is co-founder of the philosophy club Thinkers Pub Abuja, founder of the Transhumanist Enlightenment Café (TEC), co-founder and Chair of the Enlightenment Transhumanist Forum of Nigeria (H+ Nigeria), and currently serves as Foreign Ambassador in Nigeria of the United States Transhumanist Party/Transhuman Party. He is one of the contributing authors of the recently published monumental work “The Transhumanism Handbook” (2019) by Springer International,  and his articles presenting issues and perspectives in transhumanism have been featured on the official website of the US Transhumanist Party. Abdul has given talks on transhumanism at a number of events including conventions and symposia across Nigeria, and belongs to several transhumanist and futurist groups on social media. He is currently an Admin of the Facebook group “Transhumanism Africa (H+ Africa)” and is working with a handful of transhumanists across Africa to establish an organized transhumanist community and consciousness on the Continent.
Chogwu Abdul is particularly concerned about connecting his passion for transhumanist philosophy with the vision of an African Enlightenment and the prospect of a Fourth Industrial Revolution both in Africa and across the globe. His hobbies include listening to music, jogging, travelling, and enjoying creative conversations.
Chogwu Abdul is on Facebook at , and on Twitter @Chogwu_Abdul.