NOW OPEN: International Conference on Future Africa | April 21-23, 2020 (Online VR)

About TAFFD’s Conferences

Learn More about TAFFD's International Conference Series featuring the most
distinguished progressive thinkers of our time.


The organizers of TAFFD’s Conferences series are Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions, Inc. (TAFFD’s), a legally registered nonprofit/nongovernmental corporation in Florida, USA. We are aligned with a vision of progress that focuses in the educational benefits of access to up-to-date information.

Our efforts are invested in ensuring a direct experience of technological innovation & social development in key areas of impact in every activity related to our events.


The TAFFD’s Conferences Series are dedicated to enhancing global academic resources, aspiring innovators, and young scholars with access disruptive proposals so as to awaken their consciousness to the paradigm shift in fundamental areas of society such as health, education & social development.

Through the endorsement of top institutions, organizations & groups of progressive thinkers, we offer the invaluable presence of exponential leaders that present their disruptive solutions to the general audience and decision-makers in Africa and beyond.





We are transitioning to fully embrace the benefits and identify the challenges that technological advancements have on today’s society. TAFFD’s is strategically conducting a series of activities that enhance humanity’s capacity to understand and implement solutions to fundamental problems for both developing and underdeveloped nations. TAFFD’s brings together scholars from all walks of life, field of studies, research interests, and others who share their ideas for the growth, development, and improvement of human knowledge and society, considering the complexities of individuals and of the environment. Experts from every field get exposure to further-develop better solutions.




Futurists, Transhumanists, Progressive Thinkers

Progressive conference dedicated to enhancing global academic resources and aspiring innovators and scholars to breakthrough in various sectors of human endeavor.

Fearism & Independent Scholars

Learning to overcome the challenges of a history that is reminiscent of tears, fears and hardship.

Global Industry Leadership Experts

Enabling a creative environment for positive development and innovation to address global issues collectively.

Entrepreneurs, Investors & Innovators

Disseminating sustainable leadership and technology exchange required to have positively impact all over the world.

World Academics

Experience a transformative academic enlightenment focused on solving the 21st Century problems through collaboration.

Experts from World Parliaments

Decision-makers, government officials, and NGO’s share concerns, challenges & opportunities for disruptive initiatives for global change.


Meet the people behind the TAFFD's Conference Series.

Tom Ross

President & Chief Executive Officer

Sarita Sharma

Coordinator & Editor-in-Chief (TAFFD's Magazine)

Osinakachi Akuma Kalu

Founder & Secretary

Doris Ngozi Morah

Coordinator & Editor-in-Chief (TAFFD's Journal)

Satyajitsinh Gohil

Chief Technology Officer

Victoria Ustimenko

Chief Business Development Officer

Augustus Chukwu

Chief Administrative Office

2020 · International Conference on


Sustaining the Source

It is a transformative academic exercise that focuses on enhancing and solving the 21st Century problems and challenges by giving renowned and upcoming thinkers opportunity to impact positively on the world.

A global industry leaders Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFD’s) presenting online in Virtual Reality.

TAFFD’s, a United State Registered Corporation and initiator/founder of TAFFD’s International Conference dedicated to enhancing global academic resources and aspiring innovators and scholars to breakthrough in various sectors of human endeavor. In the last six months TAFFD’s has published and on its 1st Issue and on the 2nd Issue on the TAFFD’s International Journal (an International Peer Reviewed Journal) available online at Magzter. And as an aspiring International Academic Resource Center, it has an Official Magazine recently started among other product brands.

This Conference is also one of the activities of Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions Inc. taking place online and in virtual reality, with the view of convening global scientists, scholars, industry leaders, governments, NGO’s and others to address global challenges. 

Through this program, TAFFD’s  will be encouraging great thinkers and intellectualism. The conference provides platform for tech and scientific exhibition(s).

It will be a ground breaking experience for the participants and end up creating a sustainable leadership and technological encounter required to impact positively on Africa and the world.